“If you watch, he appears out of the morning mist, and prances and dances before you in a delightful display

of love and harmony.  And if you look closely just maybe, you will see his unicorn horn,

but only if he lets you see.”  ~  Mari Silveus


SR Mistas Manial is a “BEAUTIFUL, EGYPTIAN ATHLETE,”  his breeding farm’s, the Sunyrhu, motto.  He lovingly is called Mister T, after his most darling dam, Mistiara.

Mister T carries the torch of his sire, the gorgeous and unforgettable SR Manial Faaris.  This stunning black stallion made living history at the Pyramid Society’s prestigious Egyptian Event in Lexington, Kentucky.  SR Manial Faaris became “The Winningest Horse in Egyptian Event history,”  he captured the entire Hunter Pleasure Division undefeated – as a Junior horse – no less!  He is the first stallion and ONLY horse EVER to achieve this magnanimous victor in Pyramid Society history – all at the tender age of four years!

We expect his son, SR Mistas Manial, our sweet Mister T, to follow in his footsteps.

Our gorgeous grey traces exclusively to the bloodlines of America’s famous 1932 imports of Henry Babson and W.R. Brown.  These horses are among some of the earliest StRaight Egyptian Arabians imported into America; they descended entirely from the Royal Breeding Studs of Egypt’s Princes and Pashas, notably tracing to the illustrIous Stud of the famed Abbas Pasha.  AND, Mister T carries the bloodlines of some of the Arabian breeds ALL TIME GREATS:  including America’s top black sire, Princeton Faaris; leading Egyptian sire, Gurjani El Jilani; the favored Fabo; the prolific Fa Asar, and the immortal Hallany Mistanny. For the connoisseur of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse, Mister T offers a unique opportunity: Non-Nazeer, he provides a valuable outcross for today’s heavily-bred Nazeer Egyptian Arabians.  There are only around 20 horses in the WORLD of Mister T’s blood lineage.  They are so endangered because throughout history these special Arabian horses have proven to be fantastic outcrosses onto all other bloodlines and even other breeds.  Nearly every Champion of today’s show ring carries at least one horse in this pedigree from these historical 1932 importations.  AND HERE IS ONE – SR MISTAS MANIAL – WHO IS PURELY AND EXCLUSIVELY OF THOSE BLOODLINES.   IMAGINE!

We are preserving this rare family of ARabian horses because losing them would be like losing a beautiful work of art or an endangered species of wildlife.  Once a treasure is gone, it is gone forever.  Mister T and his family of “Beautiful Egyptian Athletes: are among the kindest and smartest horses you will ever meet; their beauty and athleticism only surpass their sweet natures.  And as elite and precious as these horses are, they are – plain simply – just good, versatile horses.

We invite you to join us on this fun adventure and worthwhile  quest.  Mister T will soon start his show career.  We are so very please and proud to stand SR Mistas Manial at stud to approved mares.  Please call us for particulars.  We would love to hear all about your beautifiul mares.  We invite you to meet SR MISTAS MANIAL…The magical, storybook stallion of dreams come true…Once in a lifetime…


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October 2020
Al Khamsa